We are Parenting Solutions

We are Parenting Solutions. We offer state-approved “Mediation Education” and “Children in the Middle” classes for divorcing or separating parents.

Although this may be a time of stress in your life, we hope you find our website helpful and encouraging. Please sign up for an available class today!

Please call us any time at 1-877-665-2120. We would be happy to talk with you and help answer any questions. You can also use our Contact Us  form. We pride ourselves on personalized service for all our clients.

Helpful Resources

Links for more information about mediation, parenting, attorneys, classes, etc.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about mediation classes.

Parenting Solutions, LLC has been approved by the First, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Judicial Districts to present this course. This program complies with the requirements of the State of Iowa Section 598.15 for parents who are divorcing, separating, or involved in the modification process.