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How and when do I pay?

Payment for the classes is due at the time of class. We only accept cash. No checks, credit cards, or debit cards will be accepted. You will pay the instructor in the meeting room.  You will leave with your certificate at the completion of class.

How much does the class cost?

The cost for the Mediation Education class is $20. In the sixth judicial district, the cost for the Divorcing and Separating Parents class is $40. So if you are taking both classes, the total cost is $60. If you are taking the class in Independence, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, Altoona, West Branch, Burlington, or Washington the cost of the class is $50.

What if I can’t attend a session I have registered for?

Please call our voicemail at 1-877-665-2120 to let us know. You are welcome to re-register at any time.

Can my child/children come with me?

No. Children cannot be admitted and childcare is not provided. The class is designed for adults.

Do I need to attend with my co-parent?

No. Each parent is responsible for registering and attending a class that works best for them. If you choose to attend together, that is fine. If you have a special need or request (ie a No Contact Order or domestic violence or wish NOT to attend with someone) please contact us at 1-877-665-2120.

What is the Mediation Education Class?

Mediation Education is a 30 minute class explaining what mediation entails. This class is required if you are filing for divorce/separation or modification in the Sixth Judicial District. These counties are Johnson, Linn, Jones, Tama, Benton, and Iowa. This class is presented in the first 30 minutes of the divorcing and separating parents class (children in the middle). If you are only required to take Mediation Education, you will be free to leave after the 30 minute class.

What is the “Children in the Middle (Parenting)” Class?

This is a court-mandated class for adults going through divorce, separation, or modification if you have children under the age of 18. This educational class is designed to bring awareness of the impact divorce/separation has on children and how parents can assist their children in dealing with the changes that may be occurring in their life. The focus is on improving or developing co-parenting skills.